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Review: Tannoy Reveal 802, Studio Monitor Speakers

At this price, these speakers are hard to beat – says Chris Kennedy

Item: Tannoy Reveal 802, Studio Monitor Speakers

Price: $279 (US), £199 (UK) – Priced Individually

Mic Rating: micrating_5

At A Glance: The Tannoy Reveal 802 is an active studio nearfield monitor speaker that features an 8″ Woofer and 1″ Tweeter. It has a 100 watt bi-amp (75W + 25W) class D amplifier with adjustable high frequency EQ. Its wide frequency range of 42 Hz – 43 kHz makes it suitable for mixing all types of music without the need for worrying about missing anything – and with a max SPL of 114db you would be hard pushed to want for more volume from them. As well as a balanced line-level XLR input, there are also inputs for unbalanced ¼ jack and an AUX input for connecting a smartphone or MP3 player.

High Notes: The speakers are designed to offer a very wide “sweet spot” for listening, which enables you to move around in your workspace without losing the stereo imaging of your mix – as well as invite people to sit in with you during mixing sessions and still provide them with a great listening experience. When listening to vocals it is easy to hear problems such as excessive ‘s’ sounds or excessive bass frequencies. The 802s’ low frequency extension is particularly useful for producers working within dance or hiphop genres; or for those producing music for films and want to ensure there is the right amount of bass in the track. They also feature a front bass port so that you can place them close to walls if you need to without ruining their performance. Each speaker comes with a stereo link cable that enables you to be able to connect a stereo source (such as your smartphone) via the AUX-in to just to one speaker and use the link cable to send the other channel to a second speaker.

Off Pitch: The 802s are possibly a little larger than needed for smaller home studio setups; however Tannoy also produce the smaller 502 and 402 speakers for this reason. Also it would have been nice if there was a bass frequency adjustment as well as the high frequency one, especially if you are working in a small ‘boxy’ sounding room that suffers with excessive bass frequency build up.

tannoy-reveal-802VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Reveal 802s are confident sounding speakers that are more than happy to be pushed hard. Their wide and revealing stereo image that helps you pick the right spots in the mix to place different instruments. Bass frequencies are well defined and go deep; meaning that you shouldn’t need a separate sub to go with them. When compared to higher-end monitors there isn’t perhaps quite as much refinement in the lower mids; however, there is certainly enough accuracy to mix to a professional standard. Considering the price of the speakers, you would need to spend substantially more to get a dramatic improvement in performance compared to what the Reveal 802s offer and, as such, they represent a bargain.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.tannoystudio.com

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  • Simone Radice

    I just audiotioned them in a very famous music store in my hometown and they sound fantastic. I would probably never buy them for mixing but for listeining they are just Awsome…Really.