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Review: TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive Touch

Can this device from TC-Helicon help take your vocals to new creative areas and add excitement to your live performances?

Item: TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch

Price: US $499, UK £415

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch is a vocal processor that is designed for use both in a live setting and in the studio. It includes a multitude of vocal effects, as well as looping functions and harmony generation. The unit can be mounted onto your microphone stand, allowing you easy access to the controls whilst you are singing, or it can be used with a foot controller (sold separately) if you also play an instrument. It has an XLR input (with phantom power) for connecting your microphone as well as inputs for connecting a guitar, MIDI device and an AUX in.

High Notes: The device features up to 30 seconds of stereo looping that can be split into seperate phrases and turned on and off using the front panel. The interface is clear and simple, allowing fast recording, overdubs and undos. As well as looping your vocals, you can also loop your guitar or anything else that you chose to connect to the device. The VoiceLive Touch includes TC-Helicon’s Adaptive Tone detection feature which optimises your vocal sound by adjusting EQ, compression, and de-essing automatically when enabled. The unit also offers singers a large array of effects that are taken from their VoiceLive 2 including HardTune, µMod, tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, transducer and real-time harmony generation that can create up to 8 additional voices from your singing.

Off Pitch: If you are not interested in vocal looping or harmonies, you may find the unit’s large amount of functions and sounds may be a little too much for your needs. Also the unit cannot be battery powered, which may be an issue for some performers.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The VoiceLive Touch is a versatile vocal processor that offers a vast array of sounds and creative possibilities to spice up your vocals. It also includes useful additional functions such as a guitar tuner and a ‘talk’ function that temporarily turns off the effects so you can talk to the audience in between songs. It has great sound quality and all the inputs and outputs to fill the needs of most users. If you are a singer who wants to experiment with live looping or you just want to add some magic to your live vocals with different effects and harmony generation, then the VoiceLive Touch is certainly worth checking out.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.tc-helicon.com

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  • alan page

    this is the perfect unit for an acoustic player that needs some adjustments to their vocals. I tried many different vocal effects but for a little more money than the others I got an arsenal of effects. I also bought the three way pedal and that has helped alot! durring the verses I use one setting then durring chorus’s I kick in the harmonies, chorus and reverb. Adding to a huge sound without having to use a band and back up singers.  Also I like the fact that I can put reverb on the guitar and some other effects. Hear me using the TC Helicon goto

  • Alexander

    I am using the VoiceLive Touch for a half of the year. It is a very good device.
    To make it perfect I’d like to have a “mute” button and to move a half of jacks from rear side to the left side of the device. Too many cables in one place.
    I opened the device and looked in. There is a lot of room inside! I wish the desiners will make it perfect in next model.

  • Absolutely an amazing ‘instrument’. It even works quite nice with instruments – like with Trombone!

    I’ll share Alexanders comment on ‘some design modifications’ – but that’s maybe for the next generation hardware. The wanted ‘mute-feature’ can be easily programmed without any hw modifications to the existing equipment – and to be controlled exactly like any other effect eq. in using one of the foot switches.

  • One more ‘mute’ comment to You Alexander.

    1. Use a microphone with on-off switch2. Route your mic cable via a simple (screened) on/off footswitch
    3. Let’s ask TC-Helicon sw gurus to program one more feature for the    TALK touch swith: so instead of going 1-3-1-3-1-3 … (on-off-on …)     1. touch = Talk            (switch led on)     2. touch = ‘Mute’          (switch led blinking)     3. touch = Off              (switch led off  – back to effects)

  • Leandro Fonseca

    So, i’m portuguese and i’m sorry about my english, i’m going to try that you understand what i need to know.
    I have a voice live touch (1) and i have explore it to the max, but yesterday i have found a defect in storage, and i want to know what am i doing wrong. Everytime my band plays a new song, i like to aproach my voice efects to the ones i find in the recorded music, to perform live with similar sounds. So, i was editing voices individually, in the level set of the voices (not the harmony button), i have selected the low voice and i have set to -3db, because is the voice that we hear more in the music, and in the next chorus i include ine more voice, the lower, but at -7db, and in the final chorus the music as another voice joining the others, an octave that i’ve chosed at -7dbs too. I have stored, and when i select the preset i have stored, the voices are no longer with the level that i’ve stored it. I don’t know what i’m i doing wrong. In the user manual doesn’t mension that. Help Please.

  • Alan

    After you change the settings are you holding down the preset- pushing down #1 or #2 (whatever preset 1-5)and holding the preset till it flashes?

  • Leandro Fonseca

    Yes, i am doing that, and it memorizes well, the only thing that changes is the volume level of The individual voices. For exemple, the low voice is at -7db and i want tho change to -3db, of o change another voice, lower for exemple and then store in a favorite, The next time i call that favourite, all the changes in effect blocks are saved, but The individual voices level is in factory volume again. Maybe there are a order to do that, maybe The device dont permit to change volume level and save, maybe work only in live situations, change things in real time while performing. That’ dad :-(

  • Alan

    I’ll look later on – it’s Mother’s Day – I had a similar problem for a while – I’ll try it later and let you know

  • Alan

    Okay I double checked on mine. Push Harmonies till it flashes- slider bar should show Harmony Levels – slide to change the level. Then the Harmony and the preset should flash- hold the preset (1-5) till it says stored. Unplug it and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work the only other thing I can think of is I believe there was an update to the firmware a while ago. so connect Voice LT to your computer after downloading from this page – there’s one for MAC or PC
    hope this helps. Otherwise I Don’t know!
    Good Luck

  • Alan

    I’m an idiot! I see what you are talking about but it seems – push the voice (higher- low-lower-whatever) button to edit till it flashes – adjust the level on the slider- then hold that voice button till it stops flashing. Then you have to push the preset button till that stops flashing. I tried it on mine – it should work – but do the firmware update too.

  • Leandro Fonseca

    Ok, i’m going to try today, but i think that the “secret” is hitting the voice till it flashes to edit it, and then hit again to stop flashing before i can push the preset to save it. i think i was saving when the voice was still flashing. Later i tell you if it works. I have to edit One voice at a time, or i can edit all voices level and than save?Thank you very much.

  • Alan

    That should work! Good Luck – and You’re welcome!