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Review: TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX150, Stage Monitor with Vocal Effects


Could this new monitor be your perfect gigging companion?

Item: The TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 – Stage Monitor with Vocal Effects

Price: $299 US, £225 UK

Mic Rating: micrating_5

At A Glance: The VoiceSolo FX150 combines TC-Helicon’s excellent vocal processing technology with a lightweight and portable stage monitor/mini PA. Despite its small size, if offers plenty of volume with its 6.5″ coaxial Tannoy speaker and 150W Class-D amplifier. It features a 3-channel digital mixer, enabling you to connect a range of inputs such as a mic and acoustic guitar, two mics, or a mic and MP3 player/electric piano for example. On the voice channels there are TC-Helicon vocal effects, including reverb, intelligent EQ and compression; this can be sent to your main PA system or simply used to perfect your monitor mix on stage.

High Notes: The FX150 features dual purpose inputs that can accept both XLR and jack inputs – there is also a ‘high-z’ switch for connecting guitars with passive pickups and +48v phantom power for use with condenser mics. The level of each channel can be individually adjusted with the on-board mixer. You can adjust EQ and reverb as well. The unit provides a wide range of setup and mounting options. (1) it can be used as a traditional wedge style monitor, (2) it can be mounted onto a microphone stand in a similar way as you would put a PA speaker on a stand and (3) it can also be clipped only to a mic stand below your mic – enabling your vocals to be heard loud-and-clear on a noisy stage.

Off Pitch: It is a shame that the device has an external power supply, as it’s one more thing to remember to put in your gig bag. However, adding an internal power adaptor would add weight and size; it is understandable why TC-Helicon chose to design it this way. When compared to TC-Helicon’s separate vocal processors, there are not the same amount of editable options and sound variations on the device (however you can use an external effects unit with the device if needed).

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: voice-solo-thumbThe VoiceSolo FX150 faces competition from the Mackie SRM150 and Behringer’s Eurolive B205D; however these lack the vocal processing, have slightly smaller speakers, and offer fewer positioning options than the FX 150. If you currently do not own a vocal effects processor, the ability of the VoiceSolo FX150 to output your processed vocal sound to a larger PA system will certainly appeal. For rehearsals, the FX150 is also loud enough to be used as a mini PA system (you could possibly also use it for quiet gigs such as playing background music at a restaurant). The VoiceSolo FX150 is a well thought out device that offers lot more than you would normally get from a wedge monitor.  It sounds good, is simple to setup, and the controls are intuitive. It also works with TC-Helicon’s ‘mic control’ function that allows you to turn on/off the reverb from the mic for when you are talking to the audience (if you have a compatible mic).  Overall, if you are looking to get more out of your stage monitor, the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 is definitely worth checking out.

Manufacturers Website: http://www.tc-helicon.com

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  • Joshua Poretti

    Hey just bought this today and what a great buy it is, so light, so clear and lots of bass! I think its just a matter of the public to catch on because its the best little mini P.A I have seen so far

  • Joshua Poretti

    And I own an AER alpha and this is right up there with it in terms of sound quality

  • Terence Francis

    This guy’s singing accent sounds so affected…