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Review: The Audix OM-7 Microphone

Need a vocal mic that can handle loud stage levels without causing feedback?

Item: Audix OM-7 Dynamic Vocal Micropohone

Price: US $229, UK £165

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Audix OM-7 is a dynamic microphone that is designed for live vocals on stage. It has excellent gain before feedback – making it great for singers who perform on very loud stages and need their voice to cut through the mix. The microphone is built to cope with many years of use and its full wide and balanced frequency response allows for a clear and well defined vocal sound.

High Notes: One of the main selling points of the OM-7 is that it has one of the best feedback resistances found in any microphone currently on the market. This has meant that it has become particularly popular with singers working in rock genres where a loud monitor mix is required to be heard over a backline of guitar amps and loud drums. It also has a forward and clear sound that allows vocals to cut though a busy mix without much need for large amounts of additional EQ.

Off Pitch: The OM-7’s low output design with tight polar pattern requires a larger amount of gain from the mixing console than a typical dynamic microphone would (around 10db more) – so this will need to be taken into account if you are considering buying one as not all consoles will be able to provide this cleanly. This also means that it works best when the singer is constantly singing as close to the microphone as possible.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Although the OM-7 is popular amongst male vocalists working in loud genres, its well balanced tonality also can work well in a range of styles and ensembles. It has excellent rejection of plosives and for singers who sometimes hold their microphone (incorrectly) by cupping it with both hands around the pop shield, it does not dramatically affect the performance of the mic as much as it does with others. If you are fed up with not being able to hear your monitor mix over the rest of your band, then the OM-7 is definitely worth trying out.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www. audixusa.com

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  • Ray

    Check out the OM6 I had been a shure fanboy for the longest time until I heard the OM6. My favorite live mic by far