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Review: The CAD C195 Mic

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Type: Microphone: Phantom Powered Cardioid Condenser

Item: CAD C195 Cardioid Electret Condenser Microphone

US $79.95 – $99.99
Note: there are no official distributors for the UK listed on the manufacturers website.

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At a Glance: Due to their good performance and ease of manufacture (hence low cost) the vast majority of microphones made today are electret microphones. The manufacturers of the C195 recommend it for live vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, piano and cymbals/overheads.

High Notes: The value of this mic is excellent, giving remarkable performance for a low price.

Off Pitch: A number of users found the mic a little too sensitive to feedback but fine if the vocalist remembers to keep the mic pointed towards their mouth and away from the speakers.

A Singer Says: Though there’s no one best mic. I have had good luck with CAD 195. Good price point and good sound, however it works best in acoustic setting without too much background noise. -Kim B.

More: I have a “dark” voice, and this mic helps with definition/intelligibility while the proximity effect let’s me sing bass once in a while. We routinely blow away other mics costing many times more. My sound man calls it my “secret weapon!” -Norton Lawellin

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  • knerr

    I highly recommend this mic. It is extremely sensitive; I can barely crack the gain on my Harmony G with this thing. But it sounds great. Since they are fairly unknown, you can stand to get a deal on them on ebay. Mine was less than $50 shipped, and it comes with a pretty nice mic cable as well, which I didn't know at when I bought it.

  • That’s a good mic.

  • anugerah media

    First time saw this low provile mic, I doubt (at that time I was not the member of that church). but when I heard it’s quality sound (start on January 2010  I was operating  the sound equpment of that church),  than I realize this mic is increadible although it is more than 4 years standing on the stage of my church now. this michropone still shown good performence.