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Review: The Jam 150+

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Type: Acoustic Amplifier

Item: SR Technology Jam 150 Plus

US $1,259.00 – $1,295.00
UK £549.00- £629.99

Mic Scale

At a Glance: The SR Jam 150 is a boutique Italian amp for acoustics and has been described by independent reviewers as a thing of beauty, convenience and simplicity. A multi-channel amplifier that is largely designed for the performing multi-instrumentalist, the SR Jam 150 is portable, lightweight and flexible.

High Notes: The Jam 150 Plus has six channels, two of which are stereo and also features four effects: three reverbs and a delay.

Off Pitch: You might want to give it a miss if you need more than the 150 watt output but on the flipside, they’ve included an XLR output to send the signal to an external amplification system, so you can simply plug into the main system at any venue, giving you the power needed for the gig but with you in charge of your mix.

A Singer Says: “This is a really elegant piece that I use for all my more intimate gigs” –singer/guitarist.

SR Technology Jam Series Website

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