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Review: The Maui 28 PA System

Can this portable PA system hold its own against the competition?

Item: LD Systems Maui 28, Portable Line Array PA

Price: US $NA, UK £749

Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance:  LD Systems’ Maui 28 is a portable PA system that is designed for musicians and DJs performing in smaller venues. It is a compact system that combines a PA and monitor so that both the public and the musician can have a satisfactory listening experience. The system can be assembled in a matter of seconds and multiple units can be used together if needed.

High Notes: The Maui 28 uses an array configuration to ensure greater coverage with a well-balanced sound when compared to traditional style PA speakers. This is great for singers who want their vocals to project clearly even in the furthest corners of a venue. Setting up the system is quick and simple and it does not take up much room on stage. Its wide dispersion and excellent feedback resistance means that you can perform without a separate vocal monitor if you prefer by placing the system in a position where both you and your audience can hear equally well.

Off Pitch: Due to the arrangement of the speakers (the signal is split into four frequecy bands that all go to seperate drivers), the sound is more even from a slight distance than it is close up (as the highest frequencies come out of the top speakers and the lowest out of the bottom). Also the Maui 28 does not have the onboard mixing facilities offered by some similar systems such as the HK Audio SoundCaddy One, Bose L1 and the Fishmann SA220.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The system does face some stiff competition, however the Maui 28 costs quite a bit less than similar systems from Bose and HK Audio, which will no doubt make it appeal to many potential customers. Its 400 watts of power is enough for small to medium sized venues and it is impressively resistant to microphone feedback. It is a shame that LD decided not to include a basic mixer on the device or a dedicated microphone-in channel as you will need to use a mixing desk with it at all times. All in all, it is a well designed system that will particularly appeal to singers performing solo with guitar or in an acoustic or jazz ensemble who want good sound quality in a small package.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.ld-systems.com

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  • Werner Toplak

     I have it now since 6 months in the stage employment and have decades
    before over various Pa plants sung – FACT – the MAUI 28 am with distance
    the best sound system with an optimal price – achievement relationship

  • Pfarley10

    Why no US availability? 

  • Ed

    I’ve just bought this system today. I will keep you posted.

  • I got 2 of these delivered last Thursday, so I’ve only done two gigs with them so far. One was a large pub with a wall separating some diners with those that want to be closer to the entertainment. I am a one man band, singing and playing electric and acoustic guitar to backing tracks. Everything from Sinatra and Elvis to Pink Floyd and Kings of Leon. I set up both systems, but initially only turned one of them on. After a bit of tweaking I have to say the sound was just amazing. My better half accompanies me to all of my gigs, so she knows what my sound is like. She said all around the pub the sound was clear and full sounding. The boss and his wife are friends of ours, they always stand in the same place. He commented that usually the sound is quite muddy by the time it gets to them, but not this time. Everything was clear. The vocals cut through, my acoustic sounded like I’d just put new strings on, they’re in need of a change, and the back tracks sounded great too. I eventually turned on the 2nd unit. Again the sound was great, but we decided one system could have managed quite fine. So I have two systems totalling 800W and I got them for £1350. Compare that to the Bose system. 1 unit will set you back about £2300 and that’s only 500W! I am more than happy with my Maui 28’s. Best investment yet!

  • The Reaperman

    Our 9 piece band in Glasgow has been using two of these for around two years now. The sound from them is superb and set up takes about 20 mins. They are so compact that I can fit the whole PA system including desk monitors, lights, stands, etc into my saloon car. There was a bit of a rattle from one of the mid range speakers, which I noticed about a week before a gig. No time to send it back for repair. LD Systems sent me a new one from Germany and collected the old one. I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have ever made as far as sound, quality and value for money goes. The back up service is first class. Well done LD Systems, not many companies these days can live up to a good reputation. I highly recommend you buy these or at least go and have a listen to them, you will be amazed.

  • Steve

    Sounds good I’m thinking of getting one we are a duone, electric guitar vocals and backing tracks. I was just dubious as to whether my guitar would sound good through it. use a modeller pedal (line 6 helix) Any thoughts?

  • Dominic Holmes

    It sounds great. I use either a Gibson 335 or an Ibanez ATP10 through a line 6 x3 live. Sounds pretty amazing. Depends on your multi fx unit too. Since you are not going through a guitar amp you have to rely on the amp modelling. I also have QSC K10’s and although they are also really nice, I still prefer the LD’s