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Review: The MXL 990 Mic

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Item: MXL 990 Large Diaphragm Stereo Condenser Mic
US $90.00 – $149.99
UK £99.00 – £149.99

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At a Glance: Based upon the top-selling studio condenser microphone, the MXL 990, the MXL 990 Stereo Condenser Microphone is ideal for location recording and is designed to capture a wide range of musical performances, both vocal and instrumental.

High Notes: This mic produces a very clean sound providing depth and detail and users were pretty much unanimous in saying that the MXL 900 gives a truly great sound for a relatively low price.

Off Pitch: Most reviews we’ve seen simply don’t have a bad word to say about this mic, to the extent of saying “It’s plain silly not to own one” (Review 1, below). Keep in mind that this mic is somewhat restrictive as it is fixed in the X-Y position. Don’t know what that means? X-Y is a method of placing 2 microphones to generate a stereo signal. There are numerous other placements for doing stereo recording; with this mic you are limited to the 2 capsules being very close together at a 90° degree angle to each other.

A VoiceCouncil Advisor Says: “This mic is intriguing but personally I find the sound somewhat muffled. Saying that, I come from a classical background where we use some of the most open and neutral sounding mics—“horses for courses”. Audio components have to be of the highest quality and especially a microphone, which is one of the most important components of the recording chain. 
 Often top quality is expensive. A mic is going to live with you for life, so you may as well invest.” – Wes Maebe

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