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Review: The Neutrik Mic Switch

Ever wished your favourite mic had an on/off switch? Now it can -says Chris Kennedy

Item: Neutrik NC3FXS – XLR Plug with On/Off Switch

Price: US $7.98, UK £8.75

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: Due to the demands of front-of-house engineers it’s commonplace for stage microphones not to have switches on them so that mics are not mistakenly switched off during a performance; however if you are a singing in smaller venues and doing your own sound this is not necessarily the best solution. As many of the better live microphones do not have switches, the Neutrik’s NC3FXS plug is designed to enable singers to have an on/off switch on stage if they want one without having to compromise on their choice of mic.

High Notes: The Neutrik NC3FXS is essentially an XLR Plug that has a built-in on/off switch. It can be soldered to you existing microphone lead like any standard XLR plug, or there are several manufactures that make microphone leads with them on already. The switch is noiseless and simple to use with any live vocal microphone. The plug is made to Neutrik’s typical high standards and has a rugged zinc diecast shell to make it long lasting and durable.

Off Pitch: Unless you buy a lead with one of these already on, you will need to be happy using a soldering iron to wire up a lead with the new connector; bear in mind that they do not usually ship with any instructions.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Neutrik NC3FXS is an elegant solution to adding an on/off switch to your vocal mic and works with both dynamic and condenser mics that require phantom power. It is designed to minimise the risk of accidentally switching off your mic during your performance and does not get in the way if you like to sing holding your mic. If you’ve always wished you had an on/off switch on your favourite live vocal mic, then a cable fitted with an NC3FXS plug will be a great addition to your gig bag.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.neutrik.com

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  • Sallyvocalcoach

    I have one of these on my studio mic – Highly recommended.

  • JazzCat >^..^<

    Just don’t let anyone else but you touch that switch. Sure enough some jerk will force it too hard and break it. Personal experience speaking here.