Review: The Rock-N-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual

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Type: Book

Item: The Rock-N-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual

Price: US $12.21 – $17.95, UK £9.49 – £10.99

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At a Glance: The publishers describe this book as “perfect for the aspiring rock singer that needs improvement, but cannot or will not take lessons”. Including sections on the basic elements of singing, such as vocal production, training, breathing, posture and diet, the author also addresses issues such as overcoming nervousness, dealing with emotions, and the true consequences of coffee, alcohol & smoking.

High Notes: Unlike most singing books, The Rock-N-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual is specifically targeted at the techniques required by successful rock vocalists. The majority of reviewers clearly loved this book and awarded it five stars.

Off Pitch: A few professional singing teachers have taken exception to some of Baxter’s technical advice and a number of reviewers also found the many typos, grammatical errors and the overall poor organization of the text a big let down to an otherwise good book.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: That this book is still selling well after 20 years is not only a testament to its user-friendly nature, but also highlights the need busy, gigging vocalists have for practical and down to earth advice. Singers will want to be aware that this book, crucially, is missing content on technology, promotion and business. As far as the voice goes, there is much in here that is helpful, though readers should be aware of other approaches and developments in the last 20 years.

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  • This book is an absolutely “must”. I have been singing for over 20 years and learned many things by try and error. I bought it only two years ago and I would have love to read it when I was beginning. Nevertheless, it has still some information which I hadn´t yet discovered. My only negative comment is in relation with its printing and presentation: quite poor. But its content is great. This book, together with Jaime Vendera's Raise Your Voice, is my absoute favourite in my bookshelf, and I re-read some chapters very frequently, like a kind of bible. I strongly recommend these two books for hard/heavy rock singers.

  • Nighthawk

    Decent book. Kinda dated now… has some good practical tips… but pretty much vacant on any meaty, core vocal technique. Good for the collection, but doesnt teach voice technique. I like the book, but this review is totally ? … the people that do these reviews are so totally unqualified to be commenting on these products, its just a shame that TC-Helicon doesn't take their reputation more seriously by insuring that they are working with consultants that know what the hell their talking about from real experience.