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Review: The Rock n Roller

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Type: Equipment Cart

Item: Rock n Roller R10 Max Cart

US $169.99 – $239.99
UK £88.12 – £111.63

Mic Scale

At a Glance: Large enough to take your drum kits, large PAs and keyboards, this loading cart also folds down small for easy storage. It also meets airport baggage requirements.

High Notes: Well, it’s a great idea: the Rock n Roller can be transformed into eight configurations including: short platform cart, long hi-stacker and two-wheel hand truck.

Off Pitch: It’s the wheels that appear to let this product down. While many users do love it, a significant number report unacceptable noise levels during use: “The wheels squeak so bad that I am embarrassed as I pull the cart into the room”. There are also reports of tires blowing and of wheels snapping off completely.

More: “I bought a considerably heavier duty and more stable cart from a wholesale club for less than half the price. The only functional difference was that it did not adjust, but this has not been a problem. I returned mine” -azreich

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  • I have the smallest of these carts and use it for all my gigs. I'm a solo keyboardist “one-man-band” so I put everything on it except the keyboard itself. I probably could do that too if I were to put it on top of handles but since the keyboard is in a case with wheels, I just roll it along. The Rock n Roller holds my amp, my large box of supplies, my mic stands, my keyboard seat, my music stand. The one I use use has solid rubber wheels so no chance of a blowout and while I've never had any squeaking, I imagine a small about of axle grease or light oil would take care of that. The owners manual suggests that. The smallest cart fits up into almost nothing and expands to all I need. A drummer or large band would certainly need the bigger models.