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Review: The Tanglewood T6 for Singer Guitarists

Can this acoustic guitar combo amp also perform well on vocals? -asks Chris Kennedy

Item: Tanglewood T6, Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier / Portable PA System

Price: US $NA, UK £359

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: Tanglewood’s T6 is an acoustic guitar combo amplifier that also can be used to amplify vocals for rehearsals or small solo gigs. Its main target audience is singers performing with acoustic guitar or for solo guitarists who need a small system that is easy to carry around with them.

High Notes: The T6 packs 60 watts of power into its small, lightweight chassis and has a two channel on-board mixer with effects. The mixer features inputs for guitar and microphone, with each having its own eq and level controls. There is also a selection of effects on the mixer (reverb, chorus and delay) that can be used on both vocal and guitar channels simultaneously and it has a direct out if you wish to send your mix to a larger PA system. Finally, there are connections for plugging in an MP3 player or similar, an effects loop section, a guitar tuner output, and it even comes with a padded gig bag to enable you to transport it with ease.

Off Pitch: The mic channel on the T6 does not have phantom power, so you cannot use live condenser microphones with the unit. Also, it only has one effects channel, meaning that you will have to use same reverb/chorus effect on both guitar and voice unless you use a separate FX device.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Tanglewood T6 combo amplifier is a well thought out product that great for rehearsals or playing small gigs on a budget. Although primarily designed to amplify acoustic guitars, the T6 also works well on vocals producing a clear, crisp sound. The reverbs and EQ section are perfect for live use and the whole system can be mounted on a speaker pole to help disperse the sound around a room. If you are a singer who performs with acoustic guitar then the Tanglewood T6 is definitely worth checking out.

For alternatives you may also want to look at AER’s Compact 60, Headway’s Shire King 60, and Fishmann’s SoloAmp.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.tanglewood.co.uk

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  • michael Cullen

    Great amp, one point the aux in has no individual control knob, but an excellent piece of kit for a good price in comparison to other makes that are much more expensive