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Review: The Ultimate Guide To Singing

Does the Ultimate Guide live up to its title?

Item: The Ultimate Guide to Singing by TC-Helicon with Gregory A. Barker and Kathy Alexander, published by TC-Helicon.

Price: Amazon.com: 24.99 USD / Amazon.co.uk: 14.95 GBP

Mic Rating: 5/5


At a glance: This chunky book boasts over 100 contributors who have 94 Grammy awards and nominations, 193 books 1,772 albums and 280 million YouTube hits. So, the pages are full of professionals from all corners of the music industry speaking from hard earned experience – a super group of professionals at the top of their game. This is praised as the bible for modern singers.

High notes: The chapters are so easy to dip in and out of. For every question you may have, you will find the answers in here somewhere. The chapters themselves are split into Q&A trouble shooting sections, articles, soundbites and clear graphs so you get a real sense of the ‘real’ music industry – from recording artists discussing life on the road, to extensive surveys asking the views of everyday gigging singers.

Off pitch: Because this book is so up to date, it is going to have to churn out future editions to keep that accolade. As we know the music industry is twisting and turning at a rapid rate. Let’s hope TC-Helicon have the power to keep up!

Review: If you are serious about a professional singing career, you need this book. Perhaps you’re tired of the pub circuit and looking for inspiration or you’re a fresh graduate looking for guidance. You will learn how to get gigs, how to work your gear, how to keep your technique in good shape, how to connect with your audience, how to boost your earnings and how to find new opportunities to develop your brand. Although this book isn’t just about technique, the technique section was written by many of the top luminaries of the technique world, so it is worth buying just for that. The contributors really know their stuff and certainly haven’t earned their reputations for nothing. It is clear that this book was a real labor of love for all of those involved; it’s overflowing with inspiration, insights and wisdom.

Editor’s Note: the 2nd edition of this book has just been released on Amazon.

  • goldengirl

    Is there any real difference between the second or 1st edition? I can’t decide between the two.