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Review: The VAM™ Monitor

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Type: Vocal Monitor (Acoustic)

Item: VAM™ Vocal Acoustic Monitor

US $12.99 – $29.99
UK £19.99

Mic Scale

At a Glance: If you can’t ensure proper monitoring by using floor wedges and you don’t have an in-ear monitor, you could get a vocal acoustic monitor. The VAM™ is basically a piece of plastic designed to cup your ear and mouth in order to cut out distracting background noises. If you can hear your own voice, you stand a much better chance of staying both in time and in tune with the rest of your band.

High Notes: The Vocal Acoustic Monitor will accommodate almost any microphone, handheld or on a stand. Plus, it leaves your hands free for other things. Having no electrical parts, it won’t generate feedback.

Off Pitch: Great for practice sessions, in a studio setting or for private vocal training but in a live situation would any serious singer really choose a VAM over a good sound engineer and decent on-stage monitoring?

A Singer Says: “This product is solid and uniquely shaped to reach from the ear all the way to the mouth. I could not believe the difference in sound. Let me tell you, these things are amazing and will be as common as the microphone clip” Jamie Vendera Vocal Coach

VAM’s Website

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  • andresmar

    very interesting for practice, anti estetic for shows

  • chrismonk

    nobody would use this in a live show ever it looks retarded…. but for practice it is a great technique i might look into buying one i guess for now ill just use my hand witch works almost as well

  • When I first saw this strange thing I couldn´t help laughing. I believe some manufacturers have no limit in their will to take our money from us.

  • Vova1990

    hi! i got this product a loooong time ago, when i was still in the army actually. i am an open minded person and i decided to give it a shot. even though the product looks like a simple piece of plastic, it delivers 100%! my Sure 59 mic broke down and since then i use only the VAM when i practice. from what i can remember from the sales page, everything is as it's promised. if there will be a new model of the VAM (like VAM 2 or something) i will definitely get it!

  • Mike

    I have used it onstage and it was cool. It does looks stupid, it IS way overpriced, but it does do what it claims and it has usefulness, especially for practice time and in the car, where you can easily trick yourself into thinking you sound one way that isn’t accurate due to the car itself. The VAM lets you hear the same “feedback” all the time, regardless of acoustic environment.