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Review: The Voice Band App

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Type: iPhone App

Item: Voice Band for the iPhone
US $3.00 (a lite version is available free at the App Store)
UK -not yet available on the UK iPhone app store

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At a Glance: Voice Band turns your voice into songs; simply use your voice to record multiple instruments on to separate tracks and mix your own original compositions. Choose your ‘instruments’ from guitars, bass, sax, synthesizers and drums and add built-in effects of distortion, reverb or delay.

High Notes: While it may seem like “cheating”, it does allow you to sketch out and arrange a song very quickly when you have an idea and no other way of getting it down. You can also export your creation as an MP3 file and email to your band mates and friends.

Off Pitch: Some reviewers are warning that this kind of application contributes to future generations unable to play real musical instruments. At the end of the day, though, it’s just a bit of harmless fun.

More: There are rumours of the manufacturers producing another product which is described as “pro-audio”; it seems safe to assume that Voice Band is not. Singers will want to consider this to be a fun product rather than a serious tool.


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  • Some years ago some I tried some software for similar purposes: Band in a box, Jammer, etc. These kind of tools are great when you have an idea and you want to “write” it for future development. I don´t agree with the statement that it can harm music. Has Guitar Hero done any damage?