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Review: The Voice Book

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Type: Book

Item: The Voice Book: Caring For, Protecting, and Improving Your Voice

US $8.78 – $14.95
UK £11.25 – £12.50

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At a Glance: The authors of The Voice Book are professional voice/speech pathologists who specialize in treating and training the professional voice. This book contains dozens of vocal exercises and a detailed guide to the anatomy and physiology of voice, to help anyone who uses their voice professionally.

High Notes: The book and accompanying CD cover the full range of vocal health, from protecting against hoarseness and laryngitis to expanding speaking range and enhancing voice tone and quality. Users really like the fact that the exercises are presented in a light hearted way and are really enjoyable to complete.

Off Pitch: We haven’t been able yet to find any substantial criticisms of this volume!

More: “For me, this is a book to keep and use for years!”

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