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Review: Tokyo Dawn, Proximity DAW Plug-In

This plug-in lets you change your mic position AFTER you have recorded!

Item: Tokyo Dawn Proximity DAW Plug-In
Price: Free
Mic Rating: 5/5

At A Glance: Proximity is a DAW plug-in that is designed to be used on recordings to alter the perceived distance of a sound from the microphone. As well as being something that is particularly useful if this is an issue on a track and there is no option to rerecord, it can be used in a creative way to make particular sounds appear to be moving closer and further away – or even to create an artificial double tracking effect. It works by using a range of psychoacoustic techniques to emulate the proximity effects you get on a cardioid microphone – something a lot of vocalists like to use to add warmth to their voices during quieter passages of a song – and can be used on both mono and stereo sources. It is compatible with both PC and Mac and is available in both VST and AU formats in either 32-bit or 64-bit.


High Notes: The effect can be used on vocals, instruments, or any sound source you have a recording of. It is ultimately very simple to use; first set the original distance from the mic of the source recording, and then use the distance slider to move the sound closer or further away, however it offers a range of more advanced options to help fine-tune the effect. These include additional options such as “True Delay” to emulate the time delay caused by the signal further from the source and “True Gain” changes the level relative to the distance. There are also controls to select various different modes for adjusting the proximity effect depending on the sound you are after (see manual for full details). One other nice feature of the plug-in is it can also be used to fix phase differences in multi-mic recordings if the placement wasn’t perfect. Also, it can be set to work in either meters or feet depending on your preference.

Off Pitch: As well as it works, it is still not as good as getting your mic position correct in the first place.

Audio Demo:

  1. TDR OFF_session
  2. TDR 6 Inches Closer
  3. TDR 3 Inches Further Away
  4. TDR 6 Inches Further Away
  5. TDR 24 Inches Further Away

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you have a great sounding vocal take that’s ruined by the singer moving away from the mic too much, this plug-in can save the day. By using the automation within your DAW you can “ride” the vocal track with the Proximity plug-in and adjust the perceived distance to the mic throughout the entire song in order to even up the sound. I can also see it being very useful in post-production work where you want to make a sound appear like it is coming from further away than it sounds like in the original recording. Ultimately Proximity is a plug-in that most people are unlikely to need every day, however it performs brilliantly, costs nothing(!), and is definitely worth having in your plug-in arsenal in case you need it one day.

Manufacturer’s Website: Tokyo Dawn Records

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