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Review: Toontrack EZMix 2

Need something to take the pain out of mixing?

Toontrack EZMix 2, Computer Plug-In

US $149, UK £99

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At A Glance: EZMix 2 is a computer plug-in that aims to make mixing your demos as easy as possible. To keep things simple for the user, it comes loaded with presets created by industry professionals of popular sounds for vocals, guitars, bass, drums and many more; plus mastering presets for helping to polish your final mix. Now in its second version, the 200+ presets from the original have been expanded – additional effects include amp modelling, a multiband compressor, mastering limiter, stereo enhancer. Aural exciter modules have also been included help to make the product more versatile. EZMix2 works with all popular DAW software and an upgrade is available for owners of EXMix 1

High Notes: As some musicians find mixing their own music quite daunting, EZMix 2 helps to reduce the stress by making the interface as simple and intuitive as possible. It is designed to be loaded on to every track in your mix and allows you to mix without needing any other plug-ins. To get you started there is search engine facility within the plug-in interface, which now enables you to filter the processing by instrument type, effect or genre. Once you have loaded a sound you like, this can then be tweaked until it sounds exactly how you want it. The vocal effects presets cover a range of sounds including presets such as “indie vocals”, “female with echo”, “90’s vocals” – and many others. You can also use multiple instances of the plug-in to create customised vocal chains that use EZMix’s individual effects such as compression, de-essing, doubling and reverb.

Off Pitch: The price of EZMix2 is around double that of Toontrack’s first version. Also, as good as the effects sound for the money, you can still get better results with more professional products (if you know what you’re doing).

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VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says:
EZMix2 is an excellent product for beginners and the quality of the effects is impressive considering the price. With the sheer number of different plug-ins available from other manufacturers, the choice can be a little overwhelming. Toontrack simplified this choice by giving you all the basic tools you need to mix a song with within one package. Also, if you can’t quite find the sound you are after, they have also created additional mix packs in various genres (such as metal, pop, and dance) that can be purchased to add greater versatility to the software. Overall, EZMix2 is capable of producing good results without the need to have much technological know-how; allowing you to focus on performing and writing, instead of getting bogged down by mixing.

Manufacturers Website: http://www.toontrack.com

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