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Review: Toontrack’s EZmix

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Type: Software

Item: Toontrack’s EZmix

Price: US $69.00, UK £39.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: Toontrack’s latest product EZmix aims to make mixing music at home a much simpler process, enabling you more time to focus on the creative elements of song writing instead of getting bogged-down by compression ratios and eq curves.

High Notes: Designed to work with most computer based recording software, EZmix contains a large list of presets for most instruments and styles that you can simply select to instantly process your sounds. It has a simple and intuitive interface enabling you to modify each preset – for example, varying the amount of compression and reverb on a vocal track can be done by dragging a slider up and down for each effect.

Off Pitch: No demo version was available at the time of writing, so you will have to buy the software to see if you like what it does. As well designed as the presets are, by using such a product you are severely limited as to how deeply you can process your tracks; you may need to reach for other plug-ins to do the job.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If all you want to do is record and mix a basic demo at home it doesn’t get much easier than this. The range of presets offer reasonable scope and variety and its ease of use enables you to spend more time writing and less time perfecting your mix. At it’s current price, it is hard to find much fault with the software, however one cannot expect to get the same quality of processing that you would get using higher-end gear.

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