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Review: Turbosound iP1000, PA System

This PA is a great choice for singers performing in smaller venues who want a quick and easy set up.

Item: Turbosound iP1000, Portable PA System
Price: $599 (US), £550 (UK)
Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance: Turbosound’s iP1000 is a 1000 watt (peak) column loudspeaker system aimed at gigging musicians. It features an active base section that contains 2×8” bass speakers and a top section with 9 smaller drivers that slots into it to give a full-range sound. The system uses technology similar to line-array systems that you find in large concert venues to help maximise the coverage of the speakers. There are two separate XLR/jack combo inputs and Bluetooth connectivity. One additional feature to most PA systems, is that the levels can be adjusted through an iOS app on your phone or tablet; enabling you to make changes while in front of the system, or save a preset level that can be instantly recalled from gig to gig.

High Notes: The combo XLR/jack inputs have a large enough gain range to accommodate both mic and line inputs – so, for example, you could use one input for a vocal mic and the other for keyboard or guitar. The Bluetooth connectivity adds another input; enabling you to wirelessly stream music from your phone or tablet. This could be particularly useful for singers working to backing tracks or if you just want to put on some background music between sets. The iP1000 provides up to a 120° wide horizontal dispersion pattern; meaning you are potentially able to use it without the need of a separate monitor speaker, as well as helping to fill the entire room more evenly.

Off Pitch: Some users will love the idea of controlling they levels via an iOS app; those who are not interested in this feature may find adjusting the levels a little more cumbersome than with separate physical controls. Also,  more inputs would be nice as some users will still require a mixing desk, which makes the app control function less useful.


VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Turbosound’s iP1000 is a nice looking system that will go impressively loud for its size. It would ideally be suited for gigs of up to 50 people, however, because the sound does not drop off as quickly as with a conventional system, you could probably use it for slightly larger performances if needed and it would still do a decent job of filling the room. Setting the system up is very fast and it will fit into most small cars without too much trouble. The overall tone of the system is un-hyped and balanced, with the 2×8” bass speakers giving a well-defined low end and full sounding lower mids. The master EQ section can then help you adjust the overall sound to the room if needed, and there is a placement position mode that optimises the speaker to work best in a range of locations such as being against a wall or in a corner. Turbosound also produce a larger system for users needing more volume – the iP2000 – and a smaller system if you need more portability – the iP500. Overall, the iP1000 offers a range of good features at a price that will no doubt appeal to many gigging musicians.

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