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Review: Vocalzone Lozenges

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Type: Throat Lozenge

Item: Vocalzone Pastilles

US $4.60 – $7.95 (for 24)
UK £2.10 – £3.34 (for 24)

Mic Scale

At a Glance: These lozenges, with impressive celebrity endorsements, appear to have harmless ingredients that can soothe dry and/or irritated throats. Active ingredients include menthol to soothe irritation; peppermint oil as an aromatic calmative; licorice extract to protect the mucous membranes; and myrrh tincture that dries up mucous.

High Notes: Designed specifically for the needs of singers, with no known side effects and no unpleasant taste, we haven’t been able to find a negative review…so far.

Off Pitch: Like all lozenges, Vocalzone may provide respite but it is not a cure. If you have a persistent sore throat that lasts three to four weeks, see your doctor, as it may be a symptom of a more serious condition. Don’t rely on this product as a substitute for healthy vocal technique!

A Singer Says: I want the word to get out that Vocalzone are the best throat pastilles in the world – Sir Tom Jones

More: for user testimonials see here.

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  • Gosh, I hate to be a superficial American, but I'd pick up a pack, once, just because of it's name. I know…that's stupid…Hahaha, but I would!

    Think about it…why did MP3s take off instead of WMAs? In origin, bit for bit, MP3s didn't sound as good…but, they had all the right marketing behind 'em! You needed MP3s for your iPod and you needed an iPod to…stay current?

    If they really wanted to make mad $$$ from this idea they could drum up a campaign and do a commercial that has someone singing terrible (maybe a spin off American Idol)…they pop a vocalzone in their mouth and = Whamo = start singing their buns off…hahaha…cheesy but how many “would be” singers do you think would snag it up just to make them feel more “professional.”

    Marketing is elusive and often evil :) If they're hoping to make a lot of money off of musicians then they're sorely mistaken. However if they can get every wana be singer in the world to buy the product it'll need some kind of glamorous, widespread, appeal.

    Think about the Axe Body Scent commercials…is it really gonna' coz' you to get lucky with the fairer sex? Probably not, but it makes you laugh, and therefore remains in your memory…brand association!



  • Andrew Day

    I have started a new throat regime. It includes ‘Vocalzone’ pastels, ‘Samderson's Throat Specific’ gargle, and ‘Throat Coat Tea’, plus drinking loads of water. All I can say (and I hate this expression) is Oh My God! It's like I have someone else's throat. It doesn't croak or crack up, even under the pressure of a 3-hour pub gig followed by a lunchtime gig the next day, I can hit all the high notes without crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I had thought that I just had a croaky unreliable voice all these years, and other singers were just lucky to be born with naturally clear voices, but no, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it, and ‘Vocalzone’ treat it right. I wish I had discovered them 27 years ago!

  • Andrew Day

    Just to correct typo below – It is Sanderson's Throat Specific Mixture.

  • Alright, I'm gettin' some!

  • Maccasant

    These are quite often life savers ( or voice savers to be correct) Just the right balance of lower throat soothing without too much numbing as some throat pastels and sprays often do. Since I started using Vocalzones, I also changed a couple of other pre and inter gig habits such as ditching my usual Britvic 55 orange in favour of water and blackcurrant and not adding ice too. I quickly realised that drinking a cold drink right after a Vocalzone seems to feel like I've swallowed freezing winter breeze which does'nt do my performance any favours at all. Totally recommended (as if you valued my say so!) only problem I have with them is that my local Boots store seem to have stopped stocking them!!!!!

  • Hey there,

    I haven't had much luck finding this product “truly” available online outside of the actual Vocalzone site. I've contacted Amazon and eBay, even some retailers. All say that Vocalzone is not shipping the product just yet as they are redesigning the packaging…kinda' strange. Anyway, anybody else have this problem, of find it difficult to get a hold of this product…I sure have!



  • Rebeccastar8

    yeah Brian im a singer and use these religiously but getting hold of them is a nightmare, ive found the larger boots stores are the only ones that stock them x

  • Phil Rowe

    Available in Boots the chemist and many smaller chemists, I always keep a pack handy.

  • This is in fact our great voice savers and i was really amazed by the comment of Sir Tom JOnes.. this is really helpful to save the performers voice from deteriorating or having problems..

    author of How to Get Rid of Termites Yourself

  • Jeff

    THESE ARE AMAZING! Cannot praise them enough!

  • James

    Had awful throat and could barely sing, these pastilles cleared it up after sucking on the pastille for about 5 minutes. Even though was slightly unpleasant taste worked like a dream. Highly recommend! 
    Remember going on £2.10 it works out just under 9p per pastille – great deal

  • Freya Astrella

    People need the initiative to research these ingredients and their effects on the vocal tract. With all of the information on the voice council alone it is mad to see the power of advertising!

  • Diana Jakab

    I had a bad flue, which has got better, but my voice has gone COMPLETELY. I cant speak at all. So far I only had one of this Vocalzone Pastille, and i can already make some sort of noise. Still can’t talk but very happy with the results after just one pill. Great product !