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Review: VoiceLive2

Item: TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 vocal processor

US $799.00 – $799.97
UK £594.99 – £659.00

Mic Scale

At a Glance: This is an upgrade of TC-Helicon’s classic VoiceLive, a floor based vocal processor. VoiceLive2 is described by the manufacturers as ‘a vocal revolution’; the unit features individual stompbox footswitches for Harmony, Doubling, µMod, Reverb, Delay and FX.

High Notes: Because several of VoiceLive 2’s features are now automated, vocalists can spend less time worrying about setting parameters and more time focusing on their music. The unit also listens to the voice and processes it with desired harmonies so that it sounds just right for a wide variety of vocal styles and settings.

Off Pitch: There is very little to report here. One reviewer found that the harmony voices didn’t always track when performing only with guitar finger picking and voice; this was resolved by designating a key.

A Singer Says: “I’m really happy that I bought it. I love it that I have the best, multi-purpose, vocal processor that money can buy” Carson Boyd

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  • erwalt

    Revolutionary versatile vocal product ! the design & feel modern, nice lightweight,the fact that the user an update software / patches & backup presets through USB to pc is a huge plus in my books.

    This product has inspired a new level of creativity for me as a songwriter, going through the different space, effects & ambiance it adds on my voice, it opens up a new world for song direction possibilities.

    Easy to use live, especially the fact that each effect can be enabled / disabled
    through stomp box tapping,

    The fact that it applies automatic Tone engineering effects (eq, compression, de-es, gate) on the voice, makes this unit a must have for me as singer, my voice comes through the mix way stronger / clearer than the other artist who performs without it.

  • Justicedickinson

    I really need help. I live my new Vocelive 2, but the manual doesn't tell me much of anything about how to make adjustments. For instance, there is a lot of talk about changing gender, but I don't know how to do it. Is there an aftermarket manual or a Voicelive 2 for Dummies? Thanks for your help.

  • Phil

    @ WALT :
    The full manual is available as a download from the TC Helicon site.

  • Yeah the “manual” that comes with the unit is deceiving as it is very thick but it actually is just a quick start in multiple languages!!! Doh!!!

    You need to dl the real manual as Phil here has linked you.

  • Yeah the “manual” that comes with the unit is deceiving as it is very thick but it actually is just a quick start in multiple languages!!! Doh!!!

    You need to dl the real manual as Phil here has linked you.

  • Missing1 64

    Yes I have the Voice live 2. It is a great unit. however, there seems to be issues when using it with a midi keyboard. The unit seems to crash at least once every gig. TC HELICON is aware of the problem and can duplicate it, but hasn’t solved it yet.
    Makes it kind of useless to me. But if they fix that bug it will be a great tool for live use. For now it is out use gathering dust. $800 paper weight.

  • I love mine!! I wouldn’t gig without it!! Updates seem to have fixed any bugs I have had in the past..I use mine with an MP-75 mic and OMG it’s awesome!!

  • NoVoice

    My Voicelive 2 lasted 2 months before it started failing to boot (blank screen). It is a known issue and I sent it in for warranty repair/replacement. Support has had my unit for over a month. I would love to tell you all the great things about this unit but considering the value of the unit the support seems to be a deal breaker. I’ll update if I get any positive news on my unit.

  • Bryan

    Hi guys I’d just updated my VL2 firmware 2 days ago..But still the got problem..sometimes the bpm go up 300bmp..Any new update?

  • Bryan

    Guys any update yet?

  • Bryan

    Guys any update of new firmware?I’m very upset I can’t use my VL2

  • Chris Costa

    Hello voicelive 2 fans… I must warn everyone, when you update your firmware, if there is a loss of power during the process you can “brick” your unit… I did. CS is unable to help, they will send you to a third party repair group that will charge you whether or not they can fix it… I am really pissed about it, I own two and I use it in my casino show several nights a week… it’s a very important part of what I do, thus having one for backup. If they can’t repair it it will cost about 90 bucks bench time to get it returned to me, or keep the unit! (why would I want it at that point?) or about 200 bucks for complete re-flash that will restore it.. you have been warned!