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Review: VoiceTone Harmony G

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Type: Effects Pedal

Item: VoiceTone Harmony-G

US $199.00 – $375

GB £162.00 – £259.99

Mic Scale

At a Glance: This is an effects pedal for singer-guitarists that follows the acoustic guitar and voice to produce realistic harmonies without pre-programming. It gives the singer-guitarist—simultaneously—two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling.

High Notes: Most reviewers found the pedal easy to set up and the effects so good that they felt they were ‘cheating’. They also liked the fact that from the moment you plug in to the pedal, you’re completely in control of your own sound.

Off Pitch: While this TC-Helicon product was highly praised for its ease of use and reliability, Some users report that the Harmony G doesn’t
 work well with sensitive condenser microphones, producing 
feedback or bleed from the guitar.

A Singer Says: “I’ve been playing / performing / singing for decades and this is the best single improvement to my music EVER” -Skip

More: “Great, solid, well-built product with great tone! However don’t order if you do not have the necessary PA system or full studio set up to use this” Onedrop

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  • Has anyone tried using the Harmony G Pedal on a keyboard? I have a complex Midi set-up that would require a lot of on-stage tweaking if I were to use the Harmony M. Tc Helicon has not tested a keyboard in this configuration. I like the idea of the unit analysing the music versus the trigger from Midi.

  • I have the Voice Tone Harmony G and use it in the studio as a preamp for my Audio-Technica AT4050 condenser mic. There were problems with this unit when being used at high levels so the Harmony G HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED in favor of the Harmony G XT.

    Even though I just purchased the Harmony G, T.C. Helicon ignored my request for an upgrade to the new unit. I'm sure a Harmony G XXL is in the works as we speak, however I don't plan buy any more T.C. Helicon products. Very poorly done.

  • joshs_mith

    What do you mean when you say that there were problems when the Harmony G was used at “high levels?” What was changed for the XT? Thanks

  • peerserwin

    I use the HarmonyG myself and find it great in many ways.
    I would want to see the following changes to make it even better:
    – 3 seperate outputs (lead, voice 2, voice 3 to make it possible to process and
    control individually on the 3 voices)
    – A little more space between the jacks to suit larger plugs like Neutric.
    – Remove the fixed EQ funktion… our mixers have all the eq we need and the one TC uses here is much to difficult to handle.
    – Dual FX unit to make it possible to use 2 at a time.
    I know there´s not much space left in that little box, but maybe the sides can be used too.

  • C. J. Hull

    I have a Fender Acoustasonic Amp with one XLR input. If I use the Vocal Harmony G mono output, I ONLY get ONE harmony (the left one). Any suggestions (or boxes etc. to hook to) to get two harmonies to the ONE XLR input on the Acoustasonic. cj

  • Giuseppe


    I just saw your post. I just purchased it and hooked to my Yamaha S70XS. Well, it seems to work fine (I mainly use pianos and brass). However, it seems that sometimes the harmonies “get lost”, and I do not have this impression when I use it with a guitar.

    Anyway, it could just be an impression. I am going to use it live tomorrow night for the first time, so I could be more precise then.



  • TC helicon has a unit named Harmony-M wich was designed to use with a keyboard…have you tried?

  • Ferum87

    Can I use this pedal without plugging a guitar in?

  • Psmontgomery1

    I have been using the Vocal Harmony G XT for the last couple of weeks at gigs. I am a harmony freak. So I have a preset with (A)one harmony and (B) two harmonies. Sometimes I have to switch rapidly to go from one to the other. I have run into an issue with the unit freezing. In the middle of the song, the harmonies will stay on and won’t disengage or they won’t come on at all. Once in a while, I hear the faint remnance of a guitar chord, like it got stuck in a loop.The end result is having to kill the song and reset the unit. Kinda embarassing, ya know? I need this thing to keep up with me. Other than that I love it. So, whats the deal? Is it doing a “ghost loop” or what? Bad unit? Do I have to be careful about how quick I switch from preset to preset? Someone talk to me.

  • Chris

    sounds strange. i have a harmony g xt which i use at gigs several times a week and it’s never done that to me. if i were you i’d email tc helicon support and see what they say. hope you get it sorted. chris

  • Rickm

    Has anyone compared this to the DigiTech Vocalist Live? Which did you choose, and why?

  • angel

    Hello Montgomery,,,the same is happening to me with mine,,i bought it a month a go, and i am desperate bcause i dont know if send it back cos warranty still on or it is caused by something i shoudnt do,,,,please tell me if u sorted out yours, i would appreaciate very much ur response.

  • sustainpunch1

    We’ve featured this several times on our blog, here http://www.sustainpunch.com/