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Review: Warfedale’s Personal Monitor

Can this ‘active’ speaker from Wafedale Pro help you achieve the monitor mix you want?

Item: Warfedale Pro WPM-1, Active Personal Monitor Speaker

Price: UK £149, US: $265

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: Warfedale Pro’s WPM-1 is a personal monitoring system that is lightweight and designed to attach to a microphone boom stand. It is an active system with on-board EQ to help provide you with clear vocal foldback on stage.

High Notes: Weighing a mere 3.5 KG, the WPM-1 is easy to transport yet packs enough power to allow vocals to cut though on stage. It features a small on-board mixer, with three separate inputs, that allows you to customise your on-stage mix with ease. Each of these inputs also has a direct out so that you can set your personal monitor mix without affecting the signals going to your PA system. The WPM-1 can also be used like a traditional wedge monitor and placed on the floor if you don’t want to attach it to your mic stand. However, best results are generally achieved with the speaker as close to the singer as possible.

Off Pitch: Sound dispersion is not as wide as with larger systems, so it would not be the ideal choice if you want multiple musicians to use a single system. There is also no phantom power on the device, meaning if you like to use a live condenser microphone, you will need to route your signal though a separate mixing desk first.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Although there are other very similar devices on the market, the WPM-1 is well priced and has all of the features most vocalists will need. Its 5 inch speaker lacks the bass and overall power of a larger system; however, at close range it proves ample volume to allow vocals to be heard clearly on stage.

Manufacturer’s Website: www.wharfedalepro.com

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