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Review: Waves’ Tony Maserati Plug-in Collection

Type: Software for Recording

Item: Waves Tony Maserati Plug-in Collection

Price: US $373.00, UK £266.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: If you are a singer who likes to record their music at home but feel you do not have the technical expertise to confidently mix your recordings, then plug-in manufacture Waves has a product that may help. The Tony Maserati Plug-in Collection is a series of effects plug-ins for PC and Mac that are designed to help you achieve professional sounding mixing results in your home studio. Tony Masterai is a hugely successful mix engineer, (whose credits include Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, David Bowie, Mariah Carey, Sting, to name a few) and in collaboration with Waves, they have created a collection of plug-ins that mimic some of Tony’s ‘go-to’ effects chains for processing a range of different sounds.

High Notes: The collection contains a selection of plug-ins to single-handedly process recordings of many common instruments including voice, acoustic/electric guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Each one contains a range of presets with a simple interface which you can subtly adjust to achieve your desired sound. The vocal plug-in contains three unique sound characteristics to suit different musical styles and has controls for the amount of compression, EQ, reverb/delay, etc, which are all modelled using Tony’s high-end hardware units and set-up in the way in which he uses them.

Off Pitch: Authorisation of the plugins requires an iLok USB device, which is not included with the collection (these cost around $40/£30 if you do not already have one). It works extremely well on well recorded takes, however if there are any problems in the recordings due to bad mic placement or using poor quality equipment, you may need to use a few additional effects before-hand to get the best out of it. The effects are also quite CPU intensive, so you will need a fairly modern computer with lots of RAM to run them on.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: As very few of us can afford to have a top mix engineer to work on our material, this may be the next best thing – especially if you have limited expertise and equipment for mixing in a more traditional way. Vocalists will be most interested in the VX1 Vocal Enhancer module which, when used on a well recorded vocal, will certainly add some magic to your singing. Combine this with all the other modules and in no time at all you can create a great sounding mix. This approach to mixing has its obvious limitations, however there is enough range of tone and enough quality in Waves’ Tony Maserati Plug-in Collection to help you produce top quality demos even if your technical expertise is limited.

The Tony Maserati Collection is compatible with most sequencers that support VST, AU, or RTAS formats.

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