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Rose-Marie – Perfect, Pink cover

Hi my name is Rose-Marie. I’m 18 years old. I’ve recently performed in the Lunch Music festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I’ve been singing/training in Classical music since the age of 9 but have branched out into Pop and Jazz since. Visit: http://www.facebook.com/rosemarie92music for a more complete bio

  • Hi Rose-Marie,

    Brave to pick this number.  Pink really throws it down on this one!  I think you’re off to a good start but can tell your thinking too hard about it.  Those moments where you relax, your pitch and playing are on.  

    Try to forget that you’re recording.  I can’t imagine Pink sitting at the piano for this entire song.  Maybe try recording a solid take of the piano and then just sing for us so you can really let go!  I enjoyed you performance very much :)