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Russell St George – You Can Talk To Me

I’m a musician for about 25 years, guitar player and backup singer for the band DAARC Ages for about 10 of those years and then with it’s demise I decided to be the front man of my own thing. I host a jam once a month for the past 11 years at a bar in the town I live in Beacon NY where 20 to 40 musicians is the norm.The best jam in the Hudson Valley (I’ve been told).

  • FM

    Love the song. Great job!

  • Love it!!!!!

  • Russell St George

    Thanks Amy!!!

  • Russell St George

    Thanks FM !!!

  • Anonymous

    How about raisin’ that mic a little so you don’t have to crane down towards it? That’ll loosen up your neck, let you gaze out at the audience, connect. Also, lower the treble on that guitar just a tad, boost the mid and bass just a smidge. Reverb right on though. Good heartfelt emotion. Front Man? You got it goin’ on, Man. Tonight Beacon…tomorrow the world!

  • Russell St George

    Thanks for your advice I have raised the mic and it feels better also.!! and thank you for commenting!