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Sabrina Lynn – Beat It cover

I love music. I write, I sing and I play. You can see more of my videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/oneofHIZ?feature=mhee

  • RideHanna

    Nice Job Sabrina, really liked your interpretation. Started off a bit wobbly but you soon started showing us your chops. Often when we take big song like “Beat it’ which has huge production on it wicked beats, driving guitar riffs, counter melodies etc, the singer can get away with a lot more. However  “Beat it” when parred down to one voice and one guitar, asks a lot from a vocalist with al those “beat it’s” and they start to sound repetitive. I think you gave yourself quite a challenge with this one, and you pretty much pulled it off. Good job!

  • Mark

    Great stuff Sabrina!   I love the new groove you made with the guitar, laid back and very enjoyable.  It would sound great with call/responses if you wanted to add something in the back side. thank you

  • Hiya Sabrina,

    Ya’ gave this song a sexy sting!  Nice :)  Michael’s a tall order so hats off for givin it a go.  I still like his version better but your pitch is on, vibrato’s nice.  Only wished you would have really gone off at some point…gets a lil’ boring as the dynamic doesn’t really change throughout your performance.  Still, your obviously very talented and connected to what you are doing.  Don’t stop kickin’ it!

  • Anonymous

    Sabrina you’re awesome!

  • Sabrina

    Thank you! I love Michael Jackson so it was more fun than challenging!

  • Sabrina

    Yeah I agree. If I had prepared this instead of just messing around I DEFINITELY would have added a little more excitement.

  • Sabrina