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Sairah Bella – In My Soul

Bio: It’s not the typical story, I wasn’t singing at age two, performing at age 4, or playing guitar at age six. In fact, I’ve kept quiet the majority of my life; I was listening. I’ve always been fascinated with music, especially lyrics. A great song is a great escape. However, it wasn’t until I graduated college, and couldn’t find a job, that I began playing guitar seriously. And while I have never taken any lessons in anything music related, I’ve been able to figure out the basics on my own. It was during that year of unemployment that I began writing more songs than I could keep track of. However, that was not my first or only year of song writing. That is one thing I did begin very young. I can clearly remember writing lyrics against the brick wall of my elementary school during recess. And in junior high, instead of passing notes, I was passing lyrics between friends. Something just clicked, however, when the guitar came around, and songs started pouring out. Of course with a guitar and lyrics, singing gets added into the picture. And while I love to sing, and I love to play, by far my favourite aspect of music is song writing. I have no idea what the future holds but I just thank God for giving me an opportunity to even try.

  • nosingbutknowvocals

    Through the camera you engage the listener very well through eye contact with the camera.
    By book you're doing a great job of jumpin up large intervals which this song has tons of on the chorus.
    My one thought is can you get a fuller sound instead of the breathy sound – you've nailed the breathy sound – but for me I want to hear that sound on parts of the verse, but not all the time.

  • very nice.. good vocal tone.. I like…;)

  • Hi, Sairah “Bellisima”. One thing which I often discuss with other musician friends is whether studying can give wings to natural talent or on the contrary it can tame it and make it standard. Your voice is lovely, but not unique or original, as you probably know. Your great advantage is authenticity. Your performance looks very natural. So, and this statement may provoke controversity in this site with so many famous vocal coaches (I am only an amateur singer surfing this site), I would recommend you to run away from vocal tamers and persevarate on what you are doing. You have a lovely voice with a modern style, your song is very nice, your performance is believable and you have a beautiful sweet face which is very useful in this bussiness. I suggest you look for a trustable and reliable manager and make a strong bet for yourself. You've are holding four aces in you hand.

  • ujiya

    Hi Sairah,

    A natural siren. “In My Soul” could be a hit! It's effective just the way it is on your sample video…sound quality is good and you work well with your guitar. An emotional performance is everything and so far you seem to have conveyed this song in a rather saucy, thoughtful, and non chalant way. I really like the song, the lyrics, and the OheeOheeOhs…odd part but fun. I wish you well. Surround yourself with good people and you will go far! I'm a sucker for a cheesy pop song or I'd hata' tease ya' about that…but it works so what can I say?! :)



  • laurens

    Hi, the way you write songs is marvelous! your voice is great
    are there any producers in america to pick up your music???

    Laurens van Mourik


  • Richard Staley

    I love your voice and your songs ring true. You have a great future in the music world. In My Soul and The Little Things are my favorites so far. Stay true to who you are and the sky is the limit!

  • Yevgeniy Surzhan


  • Aj_tuu

    Hi, Sairah I love you So much and I love your voice and your songs . It nice…….

    Ritthichai ; Thailand

  • Evilaunterica

    I love your songs! especially Ba Da Dum:) congrats btw.

  • Maria

    Truely touching lyrics!
    Wish you all the best
    Maria, Denmark :)

  • amazing

  • D Czieszo

    Wow! Great! I like this Song.