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Sarah Bella – Time Hasnt Moved – Original song

Bio: Its not the typical story, I wasn’t singing at age two, performing at age 4, or playing guitar at age six. In fact, I’ve kept quiet the majority of my life; I was listening. I’ve always been fascinated with music, especially lyrics. A great song is a great escape. When I finally did pick up the guitar, songs started pouring out and they haven’t stopped. I decided to start posting videos on youtube though I was very hesitant to do so. After just a few posts, however, I noticed how quickly a video can get spread around the web and I quickly started gaining a fan base. I have no idea what the future holds but I thank God for giving me an opportunity to try.

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  • Hello Again Sarah!

    I'm so happy you're LAST post blew up like crazy on YouTube! Way to go my friend :) I really like your original take on music…this one's a bit different than the last…almost could hear it as a country song with the right line up. I don't feel that your performance is as keen in this video as it was before, a little less rehearsed perhaps? However, I think your lyrics are quite good, real, and I like how ya' punch the person that this song is about squarely in the jaw with your soft yet biting words. The song is not cryptic at all…and that's something special that you have with your audience…the ability to sing about life in a way that anyone can relate to. Your bio is refreshingly honest as well. I'm rootin' for ya' gal – keep up the hard work and you will sing with the stars!!!



  • Jerry Jean

    Hi Sarah – I'm loving the full, yet sensitive, natural, raspy, melodic tone of your voice. – J

  • Andy


    Beautiful song and I love the timbre of your voice. Congrats on the YouTube hits.