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Sammie Libman – Mama Knows Best cover

Hi, I am a 15 year old aspiring rock-pop singer from Montreal, Canada (born: Aug. 16, 1996). I’m a dual citizen of Canada and the USA. I was raised in a musical home and am the youngest of four. I have three older brothers who are all musicians which is in part where I got my love for music. I admire Christina Aguilera, Ann Wilson, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Adam Lambert, Eminem, and many others… I love all styles of music including oldies as far back as Doris Day.
I spent four years in recording studios practicing my craft as well as training with a opera vocal coach for half a year. Today I work with a Montreal based professional vocal coach/singer/musician who’s vocal sessions are geared toward strengthening and solidifying my voice. I have written lyrics to several songs to date and have taken up guitar to add to my musical talents. Thanks for listening:) – Sammie xo

  • Wow!! Quite impressive all the way through.

  • Hi Sammie,

    I can’t believe your 15. You’ve got the right stuff lil’ sister! Great voice control. The audio is a lil’ rough in this vid but you did let us know up front and I can still hear your great pipes shining through. Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!