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Sammie Libman – Grenade cover

My name is Sammie Libman I am an aspiring rock-pop singer from Montreal, Quebec. I am 15 years old and have spent three years in recording studios learning my craft as well as singing with an Operatic vocal coach for half a year and presently working with a Montreal based professional vocal coach/singer/musician who’s vocal sessions are geared toward strengthening and solidifying my vocals. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the United States of America, born and residing in Canada, raised in a musical home I am the youngest child of four, I have three older brothers who are all musicians which is in part where I got my love for music.

  • Ken

    I think you ought to get in on the DigiTour being from ALL About Maggie’s neighborhood.

  • Nicholas Morey

    I think you have a powerful voice with attitude.  That’s rare for the singers I’ve heard lately. I also think you have a bright future ahead.  Keep rockin’!!!

  • Michael Blome

    Great performance,you ROCK Sammie :)))

  • Kenny

    Hey Sammie! You already know what i think about you. Just keep working hard and nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams. Luv ya, and keep on Rockin!

  • One amazing performer. You ROCK Sammie!

  • Maria_fjellborg

    this cover Got me hooked.

  • Jim

    Great cover! Way to go Sammie!

  • Mikeletz

    Sammie is one of the most exciting and very talented young singers around today. I feel she will have a great career in the music business. She is also a great young actress. She is also a very wondeful person that cares so much for others!! I wish her all the happinessa nd success in the world!!!!! Mike

  • Anonymous

    WAY COOL, Sammie! Expect much more media attention in the future!

  • dnlwood

    Sammie is one of the best young singers coming up today. If you like blues, she is great and you own it to yourself to check her YouTube account out, http://www.youtube.com/user/SammieLibmanMusic

    Look for her to be a star.

  • Mark Farris

    Sammie is a cool singer :D