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Sarah Dooley – The One That Got Away cover

hello I’m Sarah Dooley. I’m just gone 15 on the 24/1/2012. singing is my passion.I’d love to be successful in life + go far with singing!:) Hoping someday somebody will notice me, get signed+become famous! I feel I’m born to be on stage preforming.

  • gray taylor

    well done sarah, ive been singing and playing guitar for years and its the best job in the world. my advice to you is learn as many songs as you can and gig as much as you can and let everyone know that this is not only a dream its whats going to happen and what your going to be
    kindest regards
    Gray Taylor, Christchurch England

  • Chdodd01

    Great song choice! I was very impressed with your focus…on the song, not with the camera. You’re a very pretty gal…I don’t think you’ll have a problem making videos. 

  • Sarah Dooley

    oh thank you so much I appreciate all you comments :)

  • Sarah Dooley

    Yea I seem to dream a lot too much really but I hope one day all my dreams  will come true. Yes thank you for you comments when I get the time I will try to put more covers up as I am busy with my Junior Cert here in Ireland it is  a state exam in middle School. Also I am a Champion Irish Dancer and have my Worlds coming up on the 4th of April so I cannot do so much at the moment. But when they are finished believe me I will do more it is just that at the moment my dancing is so important and then after the 4th my studies are so important. xxSo please bear with me. Love  Sarah xx