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Sartay – Smile

Hey, I’m an amateur composer..and..yeah. I guess I’m not really strong in singing and composing- but hey, I’m learning! :) so any feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms are very much appreciated.

  • Hello Sartay!

    Really cute song…yes it makes one happy and want to smile. I love the lil' captions…good job on adding a little extra something to the video that lends itself well to the quirky feel of the song.

    You have a good natural sounding vibrato and I also like the husky, care-free approach to your singing. Your countenance is approachable and friendly – I could see ya' dressin' it up a bit and goin' for a Lisa Loeb type image. Get some kewl glasses that “smile.” That's totally up to you though.

    I'd also like to see you add some dynamics when you sing. This would help to keep it fun and exciting from beginning to end. Right now, this song has a subtle “smile.” Goof around with the flirty and fun attitude that you know it wants to be. Get soulful near the end and build your way up to a big happy party by the end of the song. Keep composing, you're on the right track!