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Schablas – Thank You

Bio: originally I’m a guitarplayer from graz, austria. after a few years break I am trying to get back on stage right now, with songs like this.

  • Hello Schablas,

    Glad to hear your not giving up. This song could have been a hit in the 80s!!! I'm not sure what the scene is like in Graz, but here (in sunny Florida) I'm noticing a revisiting of that bygone era…plus, I'm starting to hear 80s themes come out in modern synth pop and emo styles of music today…I guess those kids have finally found their parent's records. Your playing is really savvy…Good job! Food for thought…if you're purposely going after an 80s guitar and vocal sound then you're right in your mark. However, if you're coming back to it with the hopes of revamping or adding a modern touch, try listening to some of your fave new bands. What I've noticed most between guitar playing a couple of decades ago and now is that they are EQ'd completely different and of course they don't play as many notes these days. Hey, I really enjoyed the song…keep singing and strumming my friend!