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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

Can this portable booth improve the sound of your vocal recordings?

Item: sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X – Portable Vocal Booth

Price: US $119, UK £79

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter attaches to your mic stand and features four layers of acoustic treatment designed to help reduce room ambience in your vocal recordings. The RF-X is a lightweight and cheaper alternative to their popular RF-PRO (£229, $299), making it attractive to singers working within a tight budget. The RF-X uses the same US patented design technology as the RF-PRO, however new materials have been developed to make it lighter than its predecessors and to keep the costs down.

High Notes: The RF-X is designed to minimise room ambience picked up by your studio microphone in a way that does not colour the sound. This is particularly important as some other methods of reducing room ambience can lead to excessive build-ups at certain frequencies and compromise the quality of your recording. It is straightforward to assemble and has enough adjustability to work with most studio vocal mics. It is worth noting that the RF-X clamp assembly has been designed to allow vertical mounting only (which is perfect for solo vocal recording); however, it is recommended to use the IRF2 for angled instrument mic’ing, or the RF-Pro for specialized vocal mic positioning.

Off Pitch: The sonic improvement from the RF-X is not overly dramatic and some users may find it hard to justify buying one over spending their money elsewhere such as buying a better microphone or recording interface. Also, although it is lighter than the RF-PRO, you will still need a fairly sturdy mic stand to securely hold the weight of both your microphone and the RF-X.

Audio Demo:

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The less unwanted room ambiance you record, the clearer and better defined your vocal sound will be. This is particularly the case with singers recording in small ‘box’ rooms – where products like the RF-X are most useful. As you can hear in the audio demo, the effect of the reflexion filter is quite subtle, especially when used with a cardioid mic, however once you start to add compression and effects the extra clarity in the vocal recording becomes more noticeable. Overall the RF-X does provide an improvement if you are recording in a small environment and, if you already have a good studio microphone and recording interface, it is sold at a price that will no doubt tempt many singers.

Manufacturers’ Website: http://www.seelectronics.com

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