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Sean Hemstedt – 3am cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Basix:

Sean – thank you for reminding me of this great song. I love that you made you version so different than the original. In Basix we put a cover song through the “Basix-filter”: get the essential part of the song and then enhance that. What you have done here is that you’ve enhanced the “melancholy” aspect of the song I have no comments to you voice and how you use it – it’s very personal and very tastefully done. That you have made the video with changing camera angles makes it much more interesting to listen to.

Sean’s Bio:

I started playing guitar when I was 12. I’ll be honest…it was originally an effort to get girls. It (music) quickly stole my heart, however…and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. I chased the dream for many years, reached what I thought was the “top”…a Major Label deal…and quickly learned that this business will quickly make you question everything you thought you ever wanted. Now…I completely enjoy what I do musically: Interesting interpretations of songs that I have always loved (www.YouTube.com/riffism), writing original material with great people, and delivering a high-energy performance with my 80’s Tribute Band, Pop Gun Rerun (www.PopGunRerun.com wwwYouTube.com/PopGunRerun ). Stop by one of my channels and say “hi”.