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Be the First to Upload a YouTube Cover

Sebazti's piano

Sebazti is one of the new generation to be making waves on YouTube with almost 3 million views.

Using YouTube as his platform, Sebazti has attracted attention from music producers and managers.

How To Get Noticed On YouTube

What drew you into the world of YouTube?
Seeing the success Justin Bieber and so many other being discovered via the internet.

How do you get noticed on YouTube with so much competition?
The best tip is to not make a cover of some old song that you like. You have to make covers of new songs. And I’m not talking about songs that are a couple weeks old, I’m talking videos that are only days old. If you’re the first one to post a cover, there is no competition and your video will be the first one to show up in search. If you do it right, it will give you A LOT of views.

What is the hardest thing to learn as a YouTube singer?
You just have to realize that someone’s opinion about you is not necessary the “truth” for everyone, it’s just an opinion. Also, the thing someone hates most about your voice might be the thing another person loves most about it.

How To Perform In Front Of A Camera

A tip on performing in front of the camera
Just try to let go of your thoughts and let the music guide your body. It’s easy to get stuck in your head while performing. Be present in the moment when performing and it will look/sound more natural.

Start out small. The first video I made was filmed with an iPhone and a really cheap microphone.

What equipment do you use?
The camera I use is called Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera and it gives the videos a more cinematic look than any other affordable camera. For the music recordings, I use a microphone called Blue Baby Bottle.

What tips would you have for people who don’t have that equipment?
Start out small. The first video I made was filmed with an iPhone and a really cheap microphone. The important thing is to just start. Just throw yourself out there!

How To Reach A Larger Audience

Something that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience
Engaging with my audience a lot on social media, answering messages, tweets, comments. If you make the small audience you have feel heard and loved, they will love you back and spread the word about you to others.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media
Stay active. If you’re trying to build an audience, you can’t just disappear from social media for weeks. If you do you will lose followers and people will forget about you.

If you had to wake up with someone else’s voice, whose would it be?
Probably the Weeknd or Michael Jackson. I have a really dark voice and it would be interesting to be able to sing as bright as them.

SebaztiSwedish pop singer Sebazti is a star on the rise, praised for his atmospheric and stylised YouTube cover videos. His social media collectively reaches out to 250,000 fans daily. His resonant voice and polished aesthetic is inspired by Coldplay, The Weeknd and ZAYN. YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  • bucketofish

    What about getting permission from the original artist / songwriter / publisher?

  • Kathy Coneys Alexander

    Youtube has an arrangement with the big copyright owners, who will take over your cover video as soon as you get enough views to matter to them. Then that copyright owner will receive all of the money from the ads on that video. It’s messy but it is today’s compromise in a world where sharing of copyrighted materials has forced owners to adapt. When the copyright owner does not have an arrangement with Youtube, the video will have to be removed eventually.