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Sennheiser G2 In-Ear Monitor

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Type: In-ear monitor

Item: Sennheiser ew300IEM G2 Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitor System

Note: The G2 is only available new in North America. The model has been replaced by the G3 which we will review in future.

USD $949.00

Mic Scale

At a Glance:: If you want to hear every little whisper that goes in the mic, no matter how hard your drummer beats his set in your ear, then this in-ear personal monitor system will give every band member their own crystal-clear sound. Not only that, but getting rid of your wedges could also protect you from noise-induced hearing-loss and reduce the need for vocalists to strain their voice, as they try to hear themselves sing above the rest of the band.

High Notes: Besides providing individual players with a personal monitor, the technology eliminates the need to lug around bulky floor wedges and dramatically reduces sound levels and feedback on the stage. Nine frequency banks with 12 presets allow the entire band to operate multiple units without interference and with 1440 selectable frequencies to choose from, the system is probably the most versatile in its class.

Off Pitch: A significant number of reviewers felt that the ear buds were the weakest link within an otherwise superb system – alternative recommendations included Ultimate Ears and Shure E3 in-ear monitors.

A Singer Says: “Superb sound quality, dependable wireless operation, lower onstage sound levels, personalized monitoring, and less equipment to lug around are just some of the advantages of the system” – D.J. Adams

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  • Rychemaiden

    I love my in-ear, and am not sure how I lived without it. Use it with the TC Helicon “Create Pedal” and a SHure PGX Beta wireless mic all mounted on a pedal train Jr. board, with a power supply mounted underneath :) That way, one power source needed, one xlr cord to the board. Can get wet or dry mix in my “in-ear”, and I dont need a PA if I just want to practice acappella. :) But I can get a “mixed sound” this way, if I want, its easy to set up and tear down, and its KILLER!! :)

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