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Set Lists

You’ve landed a gig, Congrats!

Next step is deciding not only what to play but what order to play it.

There are times when I decided to feed off of a crowd and play whatever felt right, but it may be best to be prepared and have a well thought out list.

Think of your show in terms of a movie. There are highs and lows.

Make them laugh, cry and smile.

Feed the crowd every emotion like a roller coaster and end on your strongest song, the one they will remember most.

That’s the happy ending everyone wants to hear.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a great set list – just leave a comment below.

  • Shelby9533

    I feel an attachment to the people I am entertaining and can often feel their emotions..which also fee my emotions

  • Iversonmatthew

    Excellent advice here!! The band I play in uses 4 setlists and we choose which would be most appropriate for that crowd and mood.