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Shameless Self-Promotion?

This week we’re looking at how we promote our work as singers. 

As vocalists, a big part of our success lies in the relationship with our fans. Therefore, it is vital that we use all the tools and techniques at our disposal to stay connected with them. A loyal fan base signifies saleability and marketability, increasing our chances of advancing to the next stage of our career – whether with a label or independently. Our popularity also ensures a successful and safe booking for a venue. This week we’d really like to hear how you go about promoting yourself as a singer, whether it be online or in person.

So the question is: What techniques do you use – other than good music – to get gigs and build your fan base?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Do you wear ear plugs for rehearsals or live gigs? If so, how does this effect your singing?

Leah Armand wrote…

“Yes always. It’s just a matter of getting used to them”.

Richard Tibbetts commented…

“I tried with some pretty good ones, but it affected my ability to hear properly what’s going on. I am acutely aware though of the potential for hearing damage”.

Freya Astrella Posted…

“I always use ear plugs, have awful tinnitus!! took me a while getting used to them though. ill often take one out if its a big/dynamic song so i can control mic technique”.

Anneli Björklund responded…

“I do sometimes. I have the custom made kind, and I prefer to only wear the right one because then I can turn with that side to the drummer and still hear myself in a good way and avoid direct sound to my left ear. If I have both I feel unsure of my pitch and dynamics. But I know it’s something to get used to”.

Great comments this week guys, please keep commenting & keep this forum alive.

C x