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Shannon Mares – Your Love Is My Drug

I am a 14 year old singer song writer. please tell me what you think xx

  • Hey Shannon, has the makings of a great little tune. Loved you attitude girl, think you might make it on ‘in your face’ performance alone! lol, good luck, Brian

  • Sarah Bella

    Great performance! Love the attitude in your voice:) You were meant to perform girl!

  • Kelly-mares

    Really enjoyed watching you perform. Xx

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  • Nataliecowen

    pure beaut! love your voice your goin really far in life with that voice :)

  • Hi Shannon,

    Drugs huh? I actually think this is a pretty kewl song…but it makes me feel strange watching a 14 year old make so many drug references…even if it does boil down to “love.” You’ve definitely got stage presence and you’re cute to watch…very animated. I think you have a lot of talent Shannon…your rhythm is on most of the time but you sing quite out of key on the hooks. Work on those vox and seek some guidance on the wardrobe :)



  • Mark Kasson

    Yep, good ingredients, but now you absolutely need keep up the good work. Your need to improve singing on pitch will come with time and practice.

    Fun song!

  • Kelly-mares

    could everyone please take a look at shannons you tube channel which is shannonmaressinger also her website which is http://www.shannonmares.co.uk thankyou xx

  • toni oxley

    this gives me goosebumps, love youu shannon your amazing xxxxxx

  • Mellwatty

    your ok

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