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Shawn Michael Hutch – Sometimes

Bio: Shawn Michael Hutchings (a.k.a Hutch) began playing guitar back in grade school and has been playing and singing for more than 25 years. Throughout this time he‘s been developing his own unique sound and songwriting style.

  • Sarah Bella

    Great song and playing! Enjoyed the smooth vocals! Song is quite long but had me listening through!

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  • Hello Shawn,

    Nice studio…where’s the mic?! The guitar riff is great and expressive. My favorite part of the vocal is one minute twenty seconds into the vid…listen back = you really lift the vocal there…but, struggle for pitch during the verses. Maybe stick a mic near your head to help you relax into the vocal, when you play this way. This song’s got a lot of potential…good job!



  • Rae

    Hey Shawn, I echo the others who’ve commented, great song. I wonder if you have a repertoire that includes upbeat and downbeat songs, wondering only because I find it hard to lift out of the ‘blues’ it stops me from creating because I think people want happy things. Do you create both? Rachael

  • Hutch

    Thank you for the comment Sarah… Yeah, I’ve got that a lot, that my songs a bit lengthy; Although the album that this song is from saw me cut songs lengths down by a good 1:30 to 2:00 minutes per song compared to my last record.

    I had been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel, Sting, Billy Joel, The Grateful Dead, and Beethoven for quite a few years and must have picked up their lengthy songwriting style. I’ve been experimenting with distilling my songs down to (what I think) is exactly needed to get the song across. Some are longer, most are becoming shorter. But in the end…it is what it is and it made my happy with the final way the songs turned out.

    Thank you again for your comment and listening!!!

  • Hutch

    Hey Brian,

    Thank you for checking out the tune. I appreciate the feed back and the comments. Like the songs I write, the studio is always in a state of refinement…the mics are about four feet in front of me. This video for the song was more about the new HD Video Camera I had just purchased, then about recording the song well.

    I had never shot a video of me performing one of my tunes, so this was my first venture into experimenting with camera and sound together. Again…always learning and refining. I have since gotten a better idea about how to achieve a better video and sound…Oh how I love the learning process!!!

    Thanks for the comments of the vocals…yeah I know it’s a bit pitchy. If I recall correctly this was shot quick one afternoon an hour before I had students walking through my door and was under the gun to actually perform the song right. I kept screwing up…this was just the one performance that made it for the video in the short time I had.

    Again, it is what it is…a brief snap shot in time and it made me happy to do it…and learn from it. Thanks again for taking the time to listen to it!


  • Hutch

    Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for listening and commenting on the song. Yes, I do write upbeat and downbeat songs. I pretty much write about whatever I’m thinking about and if I’m thinking about something worth while…I’ll usually have some strong emotional connection to it…and I can usually put it into a song. I have to be pretty passionate about what ever it is that I’m thinking about to write a song. Good or bad…if I don’t have something to say that is worth while…I don’t say it. Again, good or bad…I have since given up writing songs for the sake of writing songs. I find, for me, if I’m ‘trying’ to write about something that I really don’t have a strong connection with…it comes off as bland, forced…and lifeless. Although, it may be well constructed (melodically, harmonically, and lyrically) I find that it’s really not coming from my heart. The song is more academic and comes off that way. I guess I should just sell those huh??? Anyway, that’s just me though.

    I’m not sure if I follow what you mean exactly regarding, “…I find it hard to lift out of the ‘blues’ it stops me from creating because I think people want happy things.”

    I don’t know if this will help or not…but for me…I never write what people expect me to write…whether happy or otherwise; or short or long. ; ) I write what I know and what makes me feel good…or helps me exercise the demons. I’ve spent way to much of my life wondering if people will like or hate what I create. Or whether what I create is good enough or whatever other adjectives you want to use. It’s all a big waste of time!!!

    Create for the sake of using your talents that you we gifted with…and for no other reason than because it’s your right and you can!!! Screw if it doesn’t affects people or touches them. If it is honest and comes from your core (Soul, Heart) then it is a genuine creation and be happy with that. And I’ll bet you and amount of money that it will touch people in some way or another; That’s if it’s coming from a truly genuine place. People will sense the truth of the song because (I believe) all Humans have probably have felt or experienced that same things in their lives…in some shape or another.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is just create for yourself, and most of all enjoy it!!! I’ve learned not to fret if people don’t get it… I think of it like my journal (diary) I write what I write because it means something to me and I really don’t care if anyone gets it or not, or ever reads it. It’s the place where I can be completely truthful and free!!!

    I’ll leave you with this: ‘…you can’t please everyone…so you gotta please yourself!’…from the song, ‘Garden Party’.

    I hope this helps,
    All my best,