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Shay Morelli – When I Was Your Man cover

Vocal Coach comments from Rachel Lebon:

You have a voice that is audiogenic and that works well with intimate songs, but you also have the ability to project naturally. Nice! Since you’re singing a well-known song cappella, you want your listeners to feel that the thoughts behind the lyrics are spontaneous, rather than memorized, so they focus on your version of the song. Each phrase should reveal a subtle shift in attitude or intensity…subtle, but a reason that you’re continuing and a reason for will keep your listeners tune in. You have nice potential. Keep on singing!

Shay’s Bio:

I love to sing. I have had about 20 singing lessons / two vocal coaches but could not keep seem to follow the rules. Sometimes I can only sing what I like and nothing else. In this video THAT MY FRIENDS convinced me to do I was practicing some stage moves. Apparently I need work. Then I found this website and saw the peer review page and was so impressed. I hope my video is reviewed and thank you for just a great website.

  • Linda

    From one vocal student (who is a huge fan of Bruno’s ~ yep, I’m a Hooligan :) ) to another, you have a VERY nice voice. I think making the song sound more “like you” will allow Shay to shine through thus creating your stage performance. Identify a lyric that you really, really connect with and sing it like you would to a boyfriend, friend, etc. Practice spreading that same emotion throughout the song and I’m sure you will see a difference. Good luck to you :)

  • I appreciate the comment but this is NOT the video I submitted. i was quite surprised to see this video on here because if you read my bio I was talking about a Gnarles Barkely song called “Crazy”. This video was put together with a few others as a plain ordinary song for a potential manager which ultimately fell through.This was taken off my you tube page. It was never suppose to be posted on this site!!!???? Anyway check my vids on you tube if you like thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback. What say you Voice Council?

  • I appreciate the comment but this is NOT the video I submitted