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Shure Handheld Wireless System Review

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Type: Wireless Microphone.
Item: Shure PGX24/BETA58 Handheld mic Wireless System.

USD prices range from $307.00 – $530.00
GBP prices range from £389.99 to £479.34

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At a Glance: Shure claim that the PGX24/Beta58 PGX Handheld Wireless Microphone System is a premium live performance system that reveals fine details in demanding environments without introducing the “extra noises” often associated with traditional wireless systems. Shure’s product pages are clear, concise and technically-minded but they also have a virtual library full of really accessible articles such as “How to Buy a Microphone” — an excellent place to start your search for the perfect mic. Click here.

What You Get for Your Money. The System includes the Shure PGX2/Beta58 with Beta 58A Supercardiod Microphone which has a generous operating range of 300 ft. (92 m) – ample for even the most athletic of performers – and the Shure PGX4 Wireless Receiver which has features like Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup, handy features designed to get even the most technophobic among you up and running quickly and hassle-free.

High Notes: All of the reviews consulted by VoiceCouncil rated the excellent quality of the sound and the lack of “extra noises” while several users also emphasized the fact that the system really is as easy to set up as Shure claim.

Off Pitch: One user questioned the “robustness” – basically, don’t drop it. It might also be worth investing in rechargeable batteries if you’re planning on playing extended sets.

A VoiceCouncil Reader Says: I use this with the receiver/transmitter mounted to a Pedal Train Jr. Board along with my TC Helicon Voicetone Create Pedal. I’ve attached a power strip to the underside of the Pedal Train Jr. From the Create pedal I send a “mixed” signal to my PSM 200 Shure In-Ear Monitor and also send the mixed sound to the mixing board. I’m in control of MY sound, and what’s more, I can HEAR myself :)

More: A vocalist in a heavy rock band says: “You can get cheaper entry wireless systems, but they just give you a sour taste. This looks sounds and feels like a professional system and is definitely worth the money”.

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  • ujiya

    Call me cooky, but I feel if you're spending less than a grand on most of these components you're also getting less. I tested these devices and they do sound good for the money. You'll definitely enjoy it more than floor wedges and a standard beer/vomit mic that the sound guy might hand ya. This doesn't mean spending less is always bad. Still, whatever happened to going into the store and working the heck out of one of these pieces? Ya know, try before ya' buy?

    Go to the store, tell the agent what you want, and test drive it. If he/she won't let you…find a store that will. In today's competetive market nearly every one will feel obligated to let you give it a run. I do this everytime I'm upgrading or buying a piece that's more than $100.00…just cause!

    Recently I picked up the ULXP24 / SM87A rig and it is Suweeeet! Granted the SM58 styles are cool but a bit boomy for my voice. Yes, I know they've been the “industry standard” for decades, but why be standard? These days there are too many options…check out what works for you and go grab it!!! You'll be happy you did!