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Simple – Mark Cunningham (Original Song)

  • Chris

    I love it! Great, happy song!
    It feels a little like you are trying to sing also an imaginary backup singer trio’s parts… if you cut out some of the “simple”‘s it may create a cooler tension to the song. Mark, I am NOT trying to say “too many notes” (famous quote from the Amadeus movie). I just tried singing it without some of the “simple’s”… and… it’s hard! lol, so I guess I was wrong!

    Good work, my man!

  • Cliftonthayer

    Beautiful… great feel, nice expression, soulful voice. Personally, it took me back to the seventies ala Jonathan Edwards, James Taylor, Seals and Crofts, Loggins and Messina…etc. Loved it!

  • Sarahbella

    Really enjoyed the laid back feel…very cool vibe! I think your voice is original and so is the song. Keep it up:)

  • Hi Mark,

    Nice tune…very chill. I always enjoy hearing originals above all else, when checking out the reviews. You have a unique voice and a solid sense for rhythm. Not sure if you’re doing it on purpose but you tend to sing mostly from your nasal mask, which creates a nasal sound…less robust than singing from your belly. Not to worry, many singers have made millions doing this…but exploring other places to sing from may really open up your music. One last detail…need to EQ your microphone channel better…it’s heavy in the low mids…you’re going to want to carve off the low end and brighten it up a bit, in order to glide over your guitar. Well done!