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Which Artist Do You Think Owns the Stage?

This month we asked our Facebook community to name an artist who totally nails stage craft and why they captivate you so much.

Vaughn Kristonne kicks off with a modern-day diva:

Christina Aguilera – vocal technique wise she’s doing a lot of things that we are all taught not to do, but she does them all seemingly without a thought. She’s in a certain head space where her emotions just come out when she sings, and she does it in every single performance. Her obvious passion for performing a song makes up for all the vocal flaws.

Kehn-Paul Gembalczyk explains the power of punk:

Gwen Stefani at a No Doubt show is an incredible phenomenon. And Greg from The Dillinger Escape Plan is literally the best front man in the scene. They both embody crowd control and energy, whilst maintaining great vocal stamina.

Mechelle Jernigan Herrington says it’s the passion not the skills that get him going:

Any artists that gets lost in the music, and puts their heart and soul out there for all of us to savour. I’m captivated by rawness…anyone who bares their soul and engages fully in the moment wins me over. I wanna be moved. I wanna feel what your feeling. I think of Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Santana, Celine Dion, Dereck Trucks, Amy Winehouse, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Amos Lee, Dolly Parton… they all share a common thread of being totally absorbed in the music, and the moment.

Zoe Hadok-Quadrio agrees, and adds that honesty is important:

The two who spring immediately to mind are Leonard Cohen and Bobby McFerrin. Their dedication to communicate with the audience in an authentic, thoughtful manner excites me far more than musically perfect execution (although they are both pretty excellent in that regard too!)

Mark Ryan spills the beans on his number 1 inspiration:

Zack De La Rocha [from Rage Against the Machine] is the first that comes to mind. The moment I saw him, it changed my life forever. I had never seen anyone perform with such conviction and a sense of urgency. He shaped the performer I am today, more than any other. Freddie Mercury is an honourable mention as well.

Victoria Klewin name drops a UK soul songstress:

Beverley knight. Killer live vocals, holds nothing back emotionally or physically.

Next month we ask: What’s the most difficult or mundane thing about maintaining a career as a singer?

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