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1: Sing Higher (Pilot) – Singer Solutions

Singing Solution with Mark Baxter

Welcome to VoiceCouncil’s brand new podcast!

Power up your vocal development with legendary vocal coach, Mark Baxter in his new podcast, Singing Solutions.

You’ve been reading his blog and watching his videos here on VoiceCouncil for years. Now, you can get even more out of Mark Baxter’s voice lessons and teachings, through this semi-monthly podcast.

Why Podcasts Rock

The podcast format allows you to access Mark’s teaching online or you can download a episode, and listen offline later. Without the need to look at a screen, you can enjoy Mark’s teaching while you drive, cook or go for a jog!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, get ready to enrich your singing life and discover new ways to reach for your singing dreams.

In this first season, Mark tackles your biggest vocalist concerns: range, power, earning money, health and gear.

What you’ll learn in Episode 1

What is the one thing every singer wants?

To sing higher!

This episode of Singer Solutions is all about expanding your range.

Guitar players know everything there is to know about their guitar, so why do so many singers know so little about their own voice?

Mark begins this episode by explaining the parts of the voice and how they work.

Then, Mark helps you understand why your brain – not the limits of your voice — gets in the way of your high notes.

To unlock your high notes, Mark shows you how to use your favourite childhood cartoons to help you access more of your voice.

Finally, Mark demonstrates his most successful exercises. No matter how much you may have experienced cracking and tightening when singing high, Mark will help you discover just how flexible and agile your voice really is.

Take me to Episode 2 – Sing With More Power!

Mark Baxter has worked as a coach with Aerosmith, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls — and many others. He is the author of The Rock-n-Roll Singer’s Survival, creator of The Singer’s Toolbox instructional DVD, Sing Like an Idol instructional CD. Mark operates vocal studios in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and online via Skype.
You can read more of Mark’s work here.

  • Mark, thanks so much for your lucid explanation of the four distinctive mechanisms of singing. Also the guitar strings’ analogy to distinguish thick-thin folds is particularly helpful. I’ll be stealing that one. Thanks again. Louise


    Good podcast, thanks.

  • Yavor Kresic

    Good job Mark. Really emphasized that the way I think about singing is so important.

  • Bernie Landry

    Thanks Mark for a very enlightening overview on increasing the human vocal range.