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Singer Uses Fan App to Help Cause


Scarlette Fever uses an App to promote her music – and a world concern.

Every day over 4,000 children are perishing from preventable deaths from drinking dirty water.

So, London based singer Scarlette Fever decided to do something about it.

She discovered an innovative social enterprise that supplies water filters that make dirty water drinkable – and decided to promote their cause through her own app for fans.

What is your app and what does it do?
My app is basically all things Scarlette Fever – a platform to hear some of my music, but also a way for me to support a fantastic cause through Fresh2o.

How does the app actually raise money for the charity?
All of the money that we raise through the app from advertising goes straight to Fresh2o and the best thing about it is that it’s free to download!

scarlettinsertWould you recommend other singers have an app like this?
Of course! It’s a great platform to interact with fans and of course another way of generating some income. It’s so difficult to generate income from original music these days so literally ‘every little helps’!

How are your fans using the app?
They are using it mostly to get our special offers exclusive to app users, such as free gig tickets.

Which part of your app is getting the most use?
The special features of the app gets great usage, little goodies that you can’t get any other way like free tickets. It depends on what we’ve got going on; if we’ve just released a track or a video then the app reflects this.

Tell us a little more why you were drawn to this charity?
The reason I’ve always loved Fresh2o is because unlike other charities they can track where every penny raised goes. So when you’re told that your money will buy a filter and save lives you can be sure that your money will do just that!

What have you achieved so far?
Wow that’s a broad question lol! I’m guessing you mean with Fresh2o. I’m so proud to be an Ambassador for this incredible cause and thanks to the app and a fab fundraiser I performed at I’ve helped raise lots of cash which of course means I’ve literally helped save lives which is an incredible feeling.

How would singers get started on the process of having their own app?
Like any other potential platform first make a product and then get online and do your research!! If you’re not that great technically, network and find someone who is!

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ScarletteBioScarlette Fever: a woman on the rise. Having reached no.2 in the billboard dance chart and 2 playlists on BBC Radio2, expect to hear much more from this talented artist.