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Singers and Scholars?

This week we’re looking at the positives & negatives of studying music in an academic setting 

There are thousands of institutions across the world offering fantastic, quality music courses to help the young musician develop his or her skill-set. But is the pursuit of music in an academic sense really a worthwhile endeavour? Having been there myself, I can testify that my time as a student has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing practitioners & expand immeasurably as a musician. Yet, consider the stories of Justin Bieber & Connor Maynard, etc. who have achieved global success before even leaving high school! Is formal study all that it’s cracked up to be? This week we’d like to hear your views on this.         

So the question is: Can a degree in music help you succeed in the modern music industry?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Do you think knowing more about how the voice works gets in the way of passionate and heartfelt singing?

Ashleigh LeRoy Dowler wrote:

“Not at all. In my opinion; as long as you do not become a technician rather than a performing artist, understanding how the voice works can help so much to allow you to release a range emotion in a vocally safe way”.

Joanne Cresswell Posted:

“I think it assists…. i think the misconceptions about the way the voice functions are what get in the way… there’s a bit of science in every art – i think anyway”!

Ni Fi Responded:

“A passionate and/or heartfelt performance doesn’t have to be technically good in order to be moving or engaging. Understanding how the mind, heart and soul works is more beneficial for this… Then again, heartfelt and passionate doesn’t always mean pleasurable to listen to so a little technical knowledge can go a long way – and a lot of technical knowledge will take you a lot further”!

Lorianne Croller commented:

“Great question! I find that the more I know about my voice the better I can sing, and the better I can sing the more I enjoy singing, and the more I enjoy singing the harder I work at it, and the harder I work at it the better I can sing”.

See you next week for more scintillating discussion.

All the best

C x